Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To My Dearest LuLu

Dear Lulu,
Thank you for holding me, changing my diapers, singing to me, and letting me lay on my stomach every now and then. It made Mom very happy to have you around to keep the house clean, but more importantly to keep her company. Daddy really enjoyed all the delicious home cooked meals, and Mom was secretly happy that you tempted her with tasty treats. The week went by too fast, and I already miss you very much. So, please come back soon...

Your favorite grand-baby,
aka-Sugar Baby, Precious Angel, Sweet Stuff, Love Bug, etc

I Love you!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hurry Here Henley...

Uncle Gavin, Aunt Taylor, Henley, Momma

So i suppose this is a little delayed...but I still wanted to drop in and share with all of you my little.. poetic pursuit , i suppose you could call it, since i am no poet by any stretch of the imagination. Although, there are many opportunities to explore new hobby-horizons when one has a spare 14 hours of waiting room confinement, which somehow manages to draw itself into an eternity. especially when added to the 9 long months you've already been patiently anticipating the birth of your brand new niece! Anyhow, while trying to suppress my peaked excitement and anxious jitters, tightly gripping the plastic arms of the chair into which i had seemingly rooted myself, within this restless room of weary waiting-ones....i decided to deflect my hyper-mode mind and preserve any remaining patience by spilling my present flow of thoughts to a piece of paper. it was to be in honor of our stubborn, and at that time, still unborn little henley...

"Hurry Here Henley..."

Hurry Here Henley
Anticipation's on the rise!
Ready and waiting to hear your first cries...
to look and see your mom and dad in your eyes

A head of red or blonde, or black hair... or will it be bare?
Whatever it is, nobody will care...
for upon you, our proud eyes will widen and stare.

Like our divine delivery: An angelic sight...
a radiant beam of heavenly light.
We're all still sitting, waiting to snuggle you tight.
No teeth at least you won't bite!
We're soon to know that when God made you Henley, he got everything right.

...Well I guess your fine parents' genes played a role too.
I'll bet when you waddle about, you'll make the baby boys coo!

So can't we hear a little giggle?...even just a boo-hoo?
We'll just keep on hoping you'll be here real soon!

So hurry here Henley! our patience runs thin...
wanna bask in the gleam of your sweet, toothless grin!
Tell me, when will life with our new little lady begin?

Before long you'll be talkin'
...and next then you'll be walkin'!

Soccer balls you'll be kickin'?
...or is it record-time laps you'll be swimmin'?
Either way, hearts of many you'll be-a-winnin'!

I'm ready to travel the many miles...
just thinkin' of you brings me many big smiles.
...even if I have to change some big diaper piles...

One day soon, I'll look down at a pool,
of your cute baby drool..
and as another dribble falls, on down to the floor...
I know you'll be one we'll forever adore!

Sending you endless love, for your big future in store!
...hurry here.

-your Auntie Taylor

Soo...Finally she came! and luckily my dad and I had a few minutes to witness her after the glorious, long awaited arrival! I'm so proud of Casey and Justin, i can already tell they will be amazing parents!
I love all three of you and i'm so excited to be a new aunt of a perfect wee-beauty, I can't wait to watch her, and her personality, grow!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

She's a Keeper

Aren't those the cutest feet you have ever seen? Compliments to Angie Conway for such beautiful black and white photos. We are home and doing great. Here's some recent pictures, and I'll post more later...

We really can't stop staring at her!

The first family photo.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Henley Bradford Robertson

We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 this morning and Casey was back in a room by 7:30. A little after 8:00 a nurse arrives in the waiting room, "The doctor broke her water and the meds are going." What?!!! I am now thinking Henley will be here in a matter of hours. Well, most of you know by now that was way off. I guess it is only fitting that our girl is as stubborn as the both of us!

Casey was unbelievable all day long!!! She amazed me throughout the epidural, when her IV infiltrated her hand causing it to swell enormously, when they decided to stop the epidural for two hours (right, stop it for two hours!), and even more so during the delivery. Possibly even more remarkable, I held it together through Henley's head appearing, but I had no chance when she broke her silence. The greatest sound that I have ever heard!!! From the first push to Casey holding Henley was only about 45 minutes. She was born at 9:46 PM. She weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. A great end to the 14 hour day!

I am sure that Casey will want to update this later, but I know lots of you will want to see Henley now! This is by far my favorite picture so far. Thank you all for your prayers!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Only 12 more days, but who's counting...

By 12 days, I mean until my actual due date. Last week, the doctor seemed to think the baby could come at any time. Yesterday was my last day of work, so I'm just tying up some loose ends- mostly boring stuff- short term disability, cleaning, washing clothes, etc. To be honest, I really don't know what to do with myself now that I am off. I've been packing my "hospital bag" for about 2 weeks now, and I'm blocked for some reason. I think the bag is a symbol of what is to come. I'm so excited, yet very anxious at the same time. I thought I would ask my fellow, experienced bloggers for some advice. Was there anything you didn't pack that you wished you had or something that you couldn't live without? Also, I'm downloading some songs on my ipod for the whole labor time to keep me distracted.
Any suggestions?

A new addition to the nursery

A big thanks to a wonderful artist Vikki Bible- it's pretty nice to have such talented friends! Check out her other pieces...