Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Fresh Start

Life is finally normalizing around here, so I thought for Henley's sake I would start this blog thing again.
I felt it only fitting to begin again with her Easter pictures. She is changing so much everyday and it is so exciting seeing her personality come through. Overall, she has become a very happy baby, but there were a couple of days that we worried we had a "stinker" on our hands. Henley is loving being able to sit in a high chair and be the CENTER of attention. She is enjoying all sorts of new food these days, but I think her favorites are carrots and pears. She can sit up, but she still topples over from time to time. We have decided that she will never crawl, because she HATES to be on her stomach. We take full responsibility for this because every time she rolled over we applauded, so now she rolls over expecting cheers. Her favorite "toy" is anything that is not considered an official toy--magazines, spoons, trash, etc. Yeah, I said trash. I'm still able to enjoy her gummy smile, because she still has no teeth. That smile can melt my heart every time...

Of course, I have to thank my sister for these precious photos. We took so many that it was hard to choose.