Thursday, December 20, 2007

All the Joys of Christmas

Even with all the stress of the holidays, I hope everyone can find some joy in the season.
Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tribute to Mr. Mom

It is pretty clear by my lack of posts and commenting that I am back at work. Unfortunately, my work computer blocks all blogs, so I can't even look at work. The good news is that my blogging addiction as ceased, and I can go an ENTIRE day without looking at a computer. The bad news is that I miss out on all the goings on of my blogging buds.

I think Justin has been the most effected by my return to work because he ends up keeping Henley several evenings a week and one weekend a month. I have given him the nickname Mr. Mom. He carries all the baby accessories just like a pro, and his only request was a manly diaper bag which I granted. There is nothing cuter than a man and a diaper bag. His evenings no longer consist of ESPN and Fox soccer channel, but now dirty diapers and driving Henley to and from Kmart for me to feed her. I'm always anxious to see what Henley is wearing, because he always seems to find hilarious ensembles to put on her. It leaves me asking where did he even find that. Henley is smitten with her Daddy. Justin can make her smile like no one else, and she laughs out loud when he sings the Harlem Globetrotter's theme song. Who knew that could be SO funny? It makes my whole day when they come see me at work, and even the worst days miraculously get better. Justin has been wonderful and seems to enjoy every moment he spends with Henley.
Does anyone else notice Henley's attire? She is a girl--I promise!

I think we already have a Daddy's girl on our hands.