Monday, July 23, 2007

My Very, Very Late "100"

I was tagged about 1 year ago to do a list of 100 about myself. I had computer issues and lost my original list.
Here it is. I apologize for any typos, but I really don't want to go back through and check it.

1) Too much pressure…
2) I love Star Wars (I bet you would never think that). It’s on right now.
3) My therapy is gardening. I love potting small plants and watching them grow. I could spend all day at nursery.
4) I’m nervous I won’t be a good mom, but I know my husband will be an incredible dad.
6) I read magazines from back to front.
7) I wonder if I was meant for another profession, not pharmacy.
8) I’m the oldest sibling, but actually I’m considered an only child because I’m seven years older then my younger sib.
9) I like being a redhead, except for the pale skin and freckles.
10) I lack self confidence.
11) I have insomnia at least every 4 weeks for no reason.
12) I love aeroboxing, but I haven’t done it in 6 months.
13) In middle school, I wanted to be an art curator.
14) In high school, I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. I know, I know- everyone wants to do that.
15) When I was little, I called broccoli little trees, and I only ate the leaves.
16) I am terrified of praying out loud.
17) Varicose veins make me light headed.
18) I worry about what people think.
19) I have a problem with judgmental people.
20) I like to be alone sometimes- especially for 30 minutes after I get home from work.
21) The first thing I do when I get home is take off my pants.
22) I love seeing Justin in a soccer uniform. That’s when he’s the sexiest.
23) He is too good to me.
24) I have become a total neat freak as I have gotten older.
25) I am independent, but I haven’t always been.
26) I regret not taking my swimming in high school more serious. Who knows I could have been really good.
27) I love Mexican food.
28) I spend way too much money on clothes- I seriously have a problem.
29) Some of my favorite musicians are Van Morrison, Patsy Cline, and Nina Simone.
30) I can’t believe I’m almost 30!
31) “I love to dance”- Girls Just Wanna have Fun, SJP
32) I don’t read enough, but I read celebrity magazines all the time. I’m not proud of this one.
33) I love entertaining.
34) I have a big nose, but I’ll keep it because it’s the same nose my Dad as.
35) I had a “blanky” up until college, and it had holes in it from my “nu, nuing.” It was yellow gingham, and my Mom made it. I still miss it.
36) I listen to golden oldies on my way to work.
37) I have an indention on my butt where I got bit by a dog when I was little.
38) I’m always late.
39) I love arranging fresh cut flowers.
40) I crave Strawberry Shortcake from Houston’s!
41) I worry about crazy things all the time, for instance my ultrasound today at 4pm.
42) I once pumped kerosene in my car instead of gas. I will never live this down.
43) I can’t leave home without mascara, and you wouldn’t want me to.
44) I have old lady hands.
45) I’m jealous of my sister’s artistic ability.
46) I don’t like candles that smell of food.
47) I’m high strung and tend to over react. Thanks, Mom.
48) I love stationery- cards, notes, etc.
49) I like books and movies set in older time periods. Those are the most romantic.
50) I have terrible motion sickness- I can’t even sit in the back seat of a car. It is not in my head.
51) I hate tattoos, but my husband has one.
52) I hope I raise a confident young woman with many aspirations for her life.
53) I went to an all female high school, and I wore a uniform. I loved every bit of it.
54) I have a short temper, and I have no patience.
55) I love seer sucker.
56) I used to get migraines so bad that all I could see was a “halo.” I don’t really get them anymore- thank goodness. I have an appreciation for people who suffer from these.
57) I am very impatient. Did I already say that?
58) I am what some would call anal- retentive, but I like to call it “particular.”
59) I enjoy going to the movies. There is something reminiscent about sitting in front of that big screen and eating popcorn.
60) I’m so excited about having a baby. It is consuming me these days- lately it is all I think about.
61) I have very, very curly hair, but I straighten it every day.
62) I think the Chi flat iron is the greatest invention ever! I wish it had existed in high school.
63) I wish someone had told me in high school that red heads need to wear mascara.
64) My favorite days are spent outdoors.
65) I wish I was more active in volunteering and helping the community. I feel like it is something I need to work on.
66) I love tomatoes.
67) I have a very expressive face, and I already have crow’s feet and laugh lines.
68) I think my husband is a good man that I respect very much.
69) He makes me laugh because he is so goofy.
70) The first thing I notice when I meet someone is their teeth.
71) I hate standing in long lines.
72) My favorite days are spent outside.
73) I take 20 minutes showers, sometimes.
74) I work well under pressure, but I tend to procrastinate.
75) I drool.
76) I’ve been told I have a “ghetto booty.”
77) I think McDonald’s has the best fries, but Justin thinks Burger King’s are the most consistent.
78) I love going to open houses especially in old neighborhoods.
79) I have had so many speeding tickets that I have almost had my license taken away. Thanks for taking care of me- Chris Lareau!
80) I prefer to shop alone.
81) I am nervous about childbirth.
82) But, I am more nervous about being a Mother.
83) I didn’t have a “first kiss” until I was in the 10th grade.
84) I love decorating.
85) I love taking pictures, and I’m looking forward to many pictures of Henley.
86) I am not a fan of lazy people with no work ethic.
87) I got up to pee 6 times lastnight!!
88) I like to pick at things- use your imagination…
89) I used to think I loved animals, but now I just get frustrated with the hair and filth. I do love our dog, Mae, though.
90) Is anyone really going to read this forever, long list?
91) I say the same pray every night before I go to bed.
92) I would love to run a marathon before I die.
93) I am terrified of the day when either one of my parents becomes ill.
94) I can’t imagine my life without any one of my family members not around. I get emotional just thinking about it.
95) My husband is my very best friend.
96) But, we don’t have to be together at all times.
97) I don’t look forward to aging, but I do look forward to growing old with Justin.
98) I hope we have a boy, too.
99) I hope to travel more in the future.
100) I realize that I have a very, rich and blessed life that I know will only get better with a baby.

If anyone still reads my blog- I tag Katie, Ashley, Kate Lareau, Angie, and Carrie P.

36th Week Photo

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I don't wanna be a policeman...I wanna be a princess

This week we went to see my brother and sister-in-law, Jason and Amber. They have two very precious little girls Riley(aka Snow White) and Jancey. It was a quick trip, but well worth the drive. We really don't get to see them enough. Riley is in the "dress up" phase, and it is so cute. When she puts a new outfit on, she looks at herself in the mirror like she really is a princess. I am so excited about these fun stages that little girls bring. Do you remember dress up? I just loved shoes, so I guess things never change. Thanks for a great time! By the way, two points for anyone who remembers where the title comes from.
Thanks for a great time, and we love you!
Sweet Sisters!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have been a slacker with the whole blogging thing. So, I thought I would share some "highlights" from the past few weeks.

We had our 3D ultrasound when I was at 31 weeks. It was amazing! She already has many of Justin's features- mouth, nose, and cheeks. Now, I'm ready to see her in person!

My Girly Shower!
My friends in Memphis threw a shower for me. It was fun getting to visit with everyone. Sadly, all the pictures my Mom took turned out miniature, so I didn't have very many good pictures unless you have a magnifying glass. All the ladies that were there can have alittle giggle now. My Mom is not very camera savvy. Henley is one spoiled little girl. We were definitely "showered" with great gifts.

These were the hostesses, and they are some of my best friends. They did an incredible job! The food and flowers were perfect. Thank you so much for everything. I love you girls...

Katie surprised me with the baby bedding. It is exactly what I imagined, and it looks perfect on her wrought iron bed. I think it is the most beautiful bedding, and I hope that's not bragging. If you are in the market for baby bedding you should really call her.

The nursery to date sans curtains.

We went on our annual trip to Amelia Island with all of my Dad's family. There about 20 of us, so it can get chaotic at times. But, is is always worth it. This time the weather did not cooperate- it rained almost everyday. This was one of the two days I spent at the beach. Unfortunately, these two pictures were the only two I got the entire trip.
Notice the waist up picture, and the signature "arm pose."
Dad and Mom, but soon to be Poppy and LuLu...
(Mom, I know you are frowning right now)

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary!

It was only fitting that we celebrated by attending a wedding. I feel so lucky to have married my best friend. I'm looking forward to many more wonderful years together.
FYI: Do not attend a Catholic wedding 8 1/2 months pregnant in HIGH heels
I haven't forgotten about my 100- it's a work in process...