Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas until March

well not really, but at least until the end of January...we moved over christmas and it as been a whirlwind. we are finally settled, but the christmas tree was up until the end of January. i loved it too much to take it down...plus that was the only furniture i had in the foyer. we had a wonderful chrismas in our new home. henley was so fun this year. she still did not quite grasp openning presents, but she did understand her new toys. she would not have anything to do with Santa except when he was secretly behind her. However, she did say his name over and over again, even to an Asian lady at a Chinese restaurant wearing a Santa hat. all of her santa pictures would not post on this blog?? oh well, she was either screaming or looking awkward in all of them anyway. this year i got henley a play kitchen with a table and chair set. she LOVES it...she lives in her new litte nook. henley is full of surprises these days...including blowing kissing to strangers, roaring whenever we say lion, saying "shuues" (shoes) ALL the time, etc. she has so much personality and she smiles ALL the time. we are loving this age...
henley continues to love small chairs, so lulu and poppy got her a new rocking chair. henley's hair is a little crazy these days(as seen in this picture), so i decided to cut the baby mullet.


Blogger lyla said...

yippeeeeeee! a new henley post! LOVE the pictures! she is precious and getting so big! your house looks beautiful! i can't wait to come and visit! the pic of her with the coffee is hilarious. i also just took my tree in my den down on JANUARY 26th, and Lilly and Mamie still have trees up in their rooms. i couldn't care less. i'll just take them down when it's time to move! miss you! thanks for FINALLY posting :)

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