Monday, February 19, 2007

Grumpy Old Man

Not quite yet...
This month Justin celebrated (well, acknowledged) his 29th birthday! This year is proving to be a year of major change for us. In a way, we are saying goodbye to our twenties along with certain freedoms we've very much enjoyed. I know we are ready for it though!
This is Justin's first year being an assistant principal at Bartlett Elementary. One of the teachers in second grade took a poll asking the kids to guess the age of "Mr. Robertson".

Well, these were the results…
Austin - 47
Sarah - 40
Samira - 45
Justin - 28
Emma - 46
Micah - 36
Kennedy - 39
Tony - 47
Matt - 50
Antwon - 70 (Oh come on, Antwon)
Hayden - 53
Jarrett - 52
Stephanie - 36
Saleem - 25
Chris - 28
Joshua - 38
Andrea - 28
Ray - 56
Hmmmm. The average age is: (drum roll.....) 42

Kids say the darndest(sp?) things. All jokes aside, I hope Justin knows how much he is loved! He is going to kill me when he sees this post. But I don't care! I think everyone should know how wonderful he is. Any man that can put up with me, is a good man. I worked all weekend, and he brought me breakfast and lunch. If that wasn't enough- I came home to a clean and organized house. Can it get much better? To paraphrase my favorite line from As Good as it Gets- He makes me want to be a better woman! So thank you, ya' old man! I love you more everyday!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Remember Leg Warmers?

Pretty hilarious! I had to share...

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's A New Day

I'll try this again..

Catch Up Time-
House not for sale anymore. It was on the market for 2 weeks, then we decided to stick it out and save some moola. I know if anyone actually still checks this blog they are sick of those stupid house pics (yes, that's you Gavin). We just love this location and dread the whole moving process.

I work at Kmart, yes I said Kmart. It's not just any Kmart, it is the only one left standing in Memphis. It was the best offer and best schedule. After much debate, I decided working 1 weekend a month was hard to find in pharmacy. Growing up with a full-time pharmacist mom who worked every other weekend, I saw first hand the effects of a grueling schedule. Not that she wasn't wonderful, but I know it wasn't always easy for her or us. I really don't know how she did it all. She is still a Superwoman!
So, Kmart it is.

Oh yeah, I'm pregnant.

We found out over Christmas that we were expecting our first baby this summer. We really couldn't be happier. I really felt like God was looking out for us -the timing was perfect. I am done with school and have been for 7 months. Justin has a great new job. So, I guess some things are worth waiting for. The only problem is that I have become more neurotic than ever. I'm sure that does not surprise any of you. Poor, poor Justin. This week, my concern is that the baby does not have any arms or legs. Am I the only crazy one?
It's a new day, It's a new life...