Thursday, February 05, 2009

cup o' joe anyone?

Obviously, my coffee drinking as had an effect on my little monkey. this is her favorite food item in her kitchen along with her wooden eggs. if only i could get her to drink milk as well as she drinks her morning coffee. in real life, henley's eating habits have drastically changed. she picks at her veggies, will not touch fruit, and loves bread of any kind. overall, she does not eat that much these days. it was bound to happen...


Blogger Courtney said...

Can't believe I am looking at new pictures!!! Wow, what got into you! Ha! Just kidding! Look how cute she it! I am sure the eating thing is just a phase. Will has gotten so much better. He was eating salmon tonight, loves salad (with ranch of course), fruit...still not a true fan of most green veggies, but I can sneak them here and there. My whole point is don't stress too much about it, she will come around again! I worried SO much with Will and he really is returning to his old eating habits :) Ok about to go look at the other pics you posted.... I'll call you soon!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous riley and jancey said...

Henley, we had fun playing with you this weekend. We can't wait for Spring...we can go to the park and play outside more often with you!!!

3:41 PM  

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