Friday, March 23, 2007

La Vida Buena

Translation: The Good Life

Well, it was for at least a week!

This is the beginning of my much needed Spanish lesson. Who knew French and German would be so pointless?

I have been out of the loop for a while because we have been in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a full week. It was an incredible and relaxing vacation- thanks to our good friends Katie and Ed.

"Mis Amigos"

The resort was goregous, and the website was not lying or giving false hopes ( The food was delicious, and those of you who really know me know how picky I am. But, I don't think I will eat guacomole and chips for at least another year.

The guys enjoyed golfing and scuba diving. Hands off ladies these men are taken...

While, Katie and I were treated like royalty in the spa. Margharita, a very sweet Mexican lady, took care of us, but didn't quite master the camera. Hence, the crooked picture... I had to show it!

Katie is my long lost sister or "doppleganger". Everyone thought we were sisters, and we didn't correct them. The whole reason we met was because people kept telling us about each other! I always wanted a twin sister, and I guess in some ways I have one. We have alot of fun together, and now I can't imagine not knowing her.

Mi Hermana...My Sister

Vacation is so great because it makes work bearable. Not that I hate work, but I needed to be refreshed. Do you know what I mean? This picture says it all...

What do you consider a vacation? Where is your favorite getaway spot?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where's the "glow"?

Lately, this is the first imagine that comes to mind. Imagine two of these hanging from your chest... Sorry for the disturbing picture. This has been my most troubling pregnancy issue so far. None of my clothes fit and they pretty much just get in the way. How does Dolly do it? Did anyone else experience this phenomenon?

So I ask, where is this pregnancy "glow"? All I feel right now is pudgy, and not pregnant. I need some encouragement from my fellow bloggers. I am wondering when this stage ends, and the "glow" begins. When did you start to show in your first pregnancy?